Billing time will start upon moving crew’s arrival, and billing time will stop at move completion or if either party terminates the move for any reason. Billing times will be rounded to the nearest quarter hour. When the move is complete, the crew leader will collect payment in full in the form of cash, check, credit card: Discover, Visa, Mastercard. NO EXCEPTIONS unless prior arrangements for payment have been made and agreed upon by both Big Boy Movers and the customer.

As the customer, you are required to estimate how many hours your load, unload, or load and unload will take. Please view our guide under FAQ to get an idea of how long your move will take.

Payment must be given to the movers at the end of the job according to your estimated hours (unless the move has been booked same day or next day, see below for details). There are no refunds if the job does not take as long as it was estimated to take because we have set aside that time specifically for you.

If the move takes longer than what was estimated there is NO additional fee. We will simply get the additional amount when the job is complete. (This may be dependent on our schedule if our movers can stay to help).

Customer will be charged time and a half if we are requested to work outside of our normal business hours: Monday-Saturday 7am to 10pm.


Any scheduled move cancelled without a 48 hour notice will be subject to a $50.00 charge.


Reschedules are subject to date and time availability. There are no fees for rescheduling as long as this is brought to our attention in a timely manner. If the mover(s) are on their way to the job when we are notified, there will be a $35 charge per mover to cover their time. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to reschedule. We are more than happy to work with you.

Same Day Service or Next Day Service:

If you are looking to get service today please contact us by phone to see if we have availability. Same day moves will be charged a $35 fee which will be applied to the total bill. Both same day and next day moves will be required to pay a nonrefundable deposit based on the 2 hour minimum, number of movers, travel fee, and same day service if applicable. We can collect this over the phone at the time of booking.

Pre-move Waivers & Exceptions:

Customers will be asked to initial next to each of the following waivers on their work order form before the move starts.

A.  Furniture pads: The customer is responsible for furniture pads when loading. One dozen pads per 5 feet of space is recommended.

B.  Appliances: Big Boy Movers will not be held liable for the results of disconnecting or connecting appliances.

C.  Movers reserve the right to waive responsibility for an item(s) they feel cannot be moved safely without damage to the home, item, or themselves. If the customer insists the item be moved, BBM will not be held responsible for any resulting damage.

D.  Customer packed boxes and loads without the correct quantity of pads are exempt from our liability. Damaged items deemed valid will not exceed released valuation of .60/lb. per item. Liability does not includes matching set or pairs. Total liability shall not exceed half of the job invoice amount.

E.  ABF and 28′ Trailer Loads: These suspensions are spring ride and provide little protection from shifting. Your items will likely be damaged without significant padding and straps.

F.  If customer helps move any items, they release BBM of any liability if damages occur. BBM will not be responsible for damages caused by non-employees.

G.  Fragile and special care items must be boxed, crated and prepped properly. Big Boy Movers is not responsible for road vibrations, acts of God: weather, etc.

H.  I understand that once the movers leave the job site, the liability for damage claim ends. You or your transportation company takes possession once the work order has been signed.