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Easy Packing Strategy for Labeling Moving Boxes

Easy Packing Strategy for Labeling Moving Boxes

Moving is stressful, even if you are convinced the changes that await you will improve your life. An enormous list of duties related to paperwork and organizing in your new home awaits you as well. Often, things can go wrong. All this requires psychological adjustment and considerable emotional effort from you. That's why it's vital to do your homework and keep at least those things in your hands under control. Most of the organizing and planning for the move is related to packing and labeling the boxes. It is safe to say that the level of stress that awaits you during the move depends to a large extent on how successfully you organize that part of the job. That's why you will need an easy packing strategy for labeling moving boxes that will make your move a much more pleasant experience.

You have to be extremely cautious while transporting fragile objects.

You have to be extremely cautious while transporting fragile objects.

Packing strategy for labeling moving boxes carrying fragile objects

Needless to say, you must be highly cautious while transporting fragile objects. Anything that can easily break or damage, such as mirrors, glass bottles, flatscreen TV, glasses, plates, and artwork. You must pack all those items separately with a thick layer of bubble wrap. It is of great importance to mark those boxes for you and the people helping you move to know to be extra careful around them. When it comes to marking the boxes, make sure you write on them which side is the bottom and which is the top. If those two get mixed up by any chance, it can cause a big problem.

Putting numbers on boxes

We advise you to first make a moving inventory list. It will give you an overview of all the things you are moving. Also, take photos of valuables to have evidence for insurance claims if your property gets damaged during transport. Now you can start numbering the boxes. Separate the boxes according to the rooms where they will be placed and assign them numbers. On the inventory list, mark the box in which the item is packed. Numbering your boxes has three main benefits:

⦁ You will automatically know if you are missing a box because that number will be missing.⦁ It makes it easy to list household items.⦁ Retrieving your items is no longer a chore.

Maybe you won't unpack everything on the first day or even a week, but as soon as you need the desired item, you can look for it in the inventory list.

What to do before labeling moving boxesBefore packing, you will need to prepare all the necessary materials. You will need the following:

⦁ Boxes

⦁ Colored pape

r⦁ Paper tape

⦁ Bubble wrap

⦁ Transparent packing tape or colored tape

⦁ Permanent markers in multiple colors

⦁ Labels for boxes

Boxes – you can buy them or pick them up for free in supermarkets or from people who have already completed their move. Second-hand boxes can significantly reduce costs but remove the remnants of the previous labeling to avoid confusion. You may also need different types of moving boxes to transport your belongings. So choose the right type to make the moving of your items safer.

Markers – should be of high quality and waterproof. Otherwise, sudden rain can turn your hard work into a smudged blob of paint in a few minutes.

Labels – you can buy or download them from the Internet and print them. You can also improvise and make your own from the materials you have on hand.

Label all sides of the box

When your belongings arrive at their destination, it will be much easier for movers to do their job if they don't have to turn each box over and look for labels. That's why it's necessary to check each box from all sides as prominently as possible. Add important details that may be useful.

Develop a color coding system

Color coding the boxes is a simple and noticeable way to organize the boxes during the move. You can use it to label in which room a particular box must go. Assign one color to each of the rooms. Don't forget to mark the doors of the designated room in your new home with the same color. Coloring code is one of the most effective ways to prepare your belongings for the movers or friends helping you, and it will make their job much more comfortable. Try to keep things as simple as possible to reduce the likelihood of making a mistake due to haste. It will make unpacking easier and save you time. Make sure the colors are striking. You can use a marker or colored tape, whatever suits you best.

Unpacking the average household can take days which is why you must have a packing strategy for labeling moving boxes.

Unpacking the average household can take days which is why you must have a packing strategy for labeling moving boxes.

Label the high-priority boxes

Keep in mind that unpacking the average household can take days. That is why you must have a packing strategy for labeling moving boxes. Separate the things you need in the first days after your arrival into particular boxes. You will immediately need towels, hygiene products, and clothes you plan to use in the next few days. These priority boxes will be necessary, particularly for families with kids.

On the other hand, you may not need fishing or camping equipment for the next few months. Therefore, before you close the box, check the goods you have there and write down the priority level. You can mark the boxes with "H" as a high priority, "M" as a medium, and "L" as a low priority. Movers will use these priority labels to determine the order in which they will pack the boxes on the truck.

Final words

The process of moving can be complicated. Good organizing is the key to a move without any trouble. Since you are dealing with many boxes, you must keep them all in place. If you've never moved before and your organizing skills are not the best, we are here to help you with that. Truthfully, this is not a complicated task. All you need is a good packing strategy for labeling moving boxes and a moving inventory list. Keeping everything in check will make everything more manageable. You will not only unpack faster but also start your life in a new home.