Need Help? Call 877-70-MOVER 

Need Help? Call 877-70-MOVER 


Loading Services Offered by a Local Moving Company

Has this ever happened to you? One sunny Saturday morning, you got a call from a good friend who was in a panic because they were moving houses, they were way behind, and the truck they’d rented had to be returned by 8 P.M. 
So you went over there and spent several hours combing through a random assortment of possessions; sorting them into a "donate" pile to be taken to a thrift store on Monday, and everything else being thrown haphazardly into boxes. 
You then assisted your friend in loading the moving truck. Halfway through that process, you realized that you should’ve gone in a different order, but were in too much of a hurry to stop and re-do the work. 
Then, while lifting a dresser into the truck you threw out your back. The dresser landed on your friend's foot. And of course, several items, including some wedding china, got broken on the drive to your friend’s new home. At least your friend returned the truck in time.
This is not an uncommon story! The best way to avoid getting into a situation like the one above, is to hire professional movers.
Big Boy Movers is a reliable, local home and business moving company. Loading vehicles and trailers is one of our main services.


Furniture and Appliance Transport

Aside from moving house, there are situations where you need assistance to move items, especially heavy items. Call us when you need a treadmill, fridge, piano, couch, or other object removed or brought into your home or business.

Local Movers

There are tools and methods you can use that help to increase efficiency and prevent damage to items. The best methods vary from job to job, and that's why experience and knowledgeable movers can be a key difference in your move.
Big Boy Movers has been in business in Utah and Idaho for over fifteen years, serving people around the western US. We've loaded thousands of vehicles for thousands of moves.
Along with loading, Big Boy Movers also unloads for our clients. And our third main service is packing. We have a great deal of experience and training in all of these areas. 
We'll do any of these tasks and more, for residential and commercial purposes, and all for competitive hourly rates. We can help with whatever tasks you need and also limit expenses by not charging for tasks you can handle yourself.

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Big Boy Movers is based in Utah and Idaho.

When you are in need of professional loading services, call Big Boy Movers toll-free at 877-70-MOVER, or contact us online for a free quote. 

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