Need Help? Call 877-70-MOVER 

Need Help? Call 877-70-MOVER 


Professional Household Moving Assistance in the Western United States

Moving is a monumental task. Whether it's just a few streets over or a few states away, hiring professional movers to take care of the moving process will turn that mountain into a molehill.
Moving is hard. It's a physically, financially, and emotionally costly experience. In fact, it is often listed as one of the most stressful life events. That said, it doesn't have to be a nightmare, and there are actions you can take that will make a move, or similar project easier. This includes taking more time to prepare, conducting more research, starting your packing and paperwork earlier, and hiring help. 
If you are planning to move or take on a large project that will require some muscle to pack or move belongings, you’ve come to the right place. 
Big Boy Movers can assist you with a variety of projects including: 
● Long-distance moves.
● Home and apartment moves.
● Packing up and moving during separation or divorce.
● Moving a parent out of their home and into your home or a retirement home.
● Emptying a spare bedroom so that it can be used for something or someone else.
● Packing up the home of a deceased loved one so the house can be sold (e.g. estate moves).
● Loading furniture, boxes, and other equipment into a trailer, van, or other vehicle for transport.
Any of these projects, and more, can benefit from professional help. 

Furniture Moving and In-House Jobs

While you probably associate a moving company only with moving from residence to residence, there are other situations where you might need us. As part of our focus on customized, a-la-carte services, Big Boy Movers is happy to help with many of your smaller furniture, appliance, and equipment moving jobs. For example:  ● Furniture has to be rearranged from one or more rooms in your house for a remodeling project.
● You have some new, heavy gym equipment like a treadmill that needs to be brought into your basement. 
● A minor kitchen renovation is being done, and you need your old oven, refrigerator, and microwave taken out, and new ones unloaded and brought in.
● You've inherited or purchased a grand piano, which needs to be brought into your living room. 
● Or any other similar projects.
So if you think that you might need to utilize any of our residential moving services, give us a call today and make a plan.

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Move Management Services

The best advice for the least stressful move possible? Don't do more than you have to. For a free quote on full-service or custom moving services, contact Big Boy Movers online or call us toll-free at 877-70-MOVER. We are based in Utah and Idaho, and help people throughout the western United States .

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