Need Help? Call 877-70-MOVER 

Need Help? Call 877-70-MOVER 

Long-Distance Movers

Interstate Movers in the Western US

Do you have a big move ahead of you? An out-of-state move is a daunting task. While all moves contain some of the same challenges, a long-distance move is on an entirely different scale. 
It's not just that you have to pack and move all of your belongings. In a long-distance move, you also have to acquire new drivers' licenses and vehicle registrations, change insurance, change doctors, change your children's schools, and get to know a whole new region. Plus, your new state may have a different culture to adjust to.
With all of these logistics, and finding a new home, we know that preparing for an interstate move is a highly stressful time. That's why hiring Big Boy Movers for a full-service move is the best thing you can do for yourself.


Questions you may have about hiring Big Boy Movers for a full-service move include:

● Is the company trustworthy? ● What assurance do I have that they'll do the job well? ● Is the company insured? ● How much does it cost? ● How is their customer service? ● Are they knowledgeable? Organized?● Will the moving team show up on time?● How will my things be transported? ● If this is more than a day's trip, what are my responsibilities versus the company's? ● Will my stuff arrive at the same time as me or later? ● What if something comes up during the move? 
Many of these questions, and more, can be answered on our FAQs page.
Big Boy Movers works all over the Western US. We have teams in the Salt Lake City area, North Utah, Boise, and East Idaho. 

Full-Service Movers

 The best way to relieve the stress of moving is to hire a full-service moving company to manage your many moving tasks. 
A full-service move with Big Boy Movers will include: 
● Packing● Loading ● Transportation of your belongings ● Unloading 
If you need to store your items for a period of time between moving out and moving into your new home, we can help arrange a storage space. (Note: We do not privately provide storage, but we have ample experience in helping our clients secure necessary storage with other providers.)
One thing we feel sets our company apart from others is that, when you hire Big Boy Movers to manage a long-distance move, your property will be moved directly from point A to point B. It will not be moved into different trucks, and no one else's stuff will be put in the truck with yours. Your move is truly your move.
When you hire Big Boy Movers to manage your move for you, you can then focus on the other, more important things in your life–from getting all of your associated paperwork done to decorating your new home to getting to know your new city.

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Big Boy Movers is based in Utah and Idaho.

We offer custom moving services for residential and business moving needs. Call our toll-free number 877-70-MOVER or contact us online.