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How to Prepare for the Movers

How to Prepare for the Movers

The feeling of moving into a new home is exhilarating. However, moving homes involve a lot of pressure, no matter the distance. Moving entails a lot of work, explains Five Star Management, such as preparing the new home you want to move in to, preparing your old house for sale or rent, choosing trustworthy movers, researching the new environment you are moving into, planning your budget, and doing the paperwork.

While engaging in all these, you can fail to prepare for movers. Many people do not prepare because they do not know how to go about it or feel it is not essential. But getting ready for the movers is very crucial for your relocation. Preparing for movers lessens stress and helps you to save time and money.

So how do you prepare for the movers? Here are some useful tips:


Separate the items that can be moved from the ones that wouldn’t be moved. This is because professional movers do not transport everything.

Most of them have a list of items that cannot be transported because of liability reasons or safety issues. Such things could include: corrosives, flammables, explosives, drugs, chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, paints, liquids, food, cash, vital documents, or photographs.

Sort out your stuff using the list of items given by your movers. If you intend to carry the prohibited items, you will transport them by yourself.

Purge your belongings of unnecessary items. Do it about a month from the moving day. This will give you enough time to dispose of, sell, or donate the unneeded things. If you do this at the last minute of your moving, it can be frustrating and confusing. It can delay your relocation and increase the cost of moving.

Damaged and worn out items should be disposed of, and commodities in good condition can be donated to friends. You can choose to sell things that are still fanciful to make extra money. Consume or donate all perishable items.

Carry valuable personal items by yourself. Such things could be drugs, documents, food, jewelry, essential personal care items, extra shoes and clothes, entertainment gadgets, expensive electronics, and other items of sentimental values.

Arrange a separate shipment for pets and plants if they are not allowed by your movers. Arrange the items that will be transported by your movers by priority, type, destination rooms, purpose, and so on. This will make your unpacking easier.


Ensure that you have adequate corrugated and strong boxes of different sizes, foam pouches, bubble wraps, and dividers. How you prepare for movers depends on the services you requested. The service could be for just professional movers or inclusive of professional packers (full-service).

Professional movers

If you had opted for this service, then you will be the one to do the packing. The movers will only move your stuff. You will need to ensure that all your items are adequately packed and ready before the movers arrive. Label the boxes with the destination rooms, contents, and handling instructions.

Don’t forget to mark valuable and fragile items clearly. Note that movers can ask you to repack if they feel some things are not well protected. If the movers arrive and you are not ready, you may need to pay them for the wasted time or to help you pack.


In this case, you will have professional packers as well. You wouldn’t need to worry about packing before your movers arrive. The professional packers will do it for you. However, you do not need to scatter your things.

You can group your things or pre-pack them. This will help you during unpacking and also save time. Pack all your essential items separately because you will carry them by yourself. These include all the things that you will use while waiting for your movers to arrive at your new home.


Before the movers arrive, spend extra time to recheck everything. Walk around the house and double-check all the drawers, cabinets, attic, under the stairs, and so on, to ensure that you have carried all your valuables. Doing this will prevent you from leaving anything behind.

In a nutshell: 

It feels exciting to move into a new home. But the process of moving homes can be very stressful because of the work involved.

While getting busy with other preparations, it is easy to forget about preparing for the movers. Sometimes you may not know how to go about it, or you may feel it is not essential.

Preparing for the movers is indispensable if you want to lessen stress and also save time and money. Here is some useful advice:

  1. Sort out your things and purge unneeded items
  2. Fully pack or pre-pack your items based on the services you opted for
  3. Have a final inspection before the movers arrive

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