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How to Relocate Your Business without Sacrificing Productivity

How to Relocate Your Business without Sacrificing Productivity

When a business moves office, it’s because it’s doing remarkably well. Moving to a bigger office is an excellent choice if your business is expanding rapidly. That is because a bigger office allows you to grow your business without problems. However, moving office comes with the unfortunate side-effect of losing productivity during the move. But there are things you can do to prepare which will help you relocate your business without sacrificing productivity. It mainly comes down to proper planning and communication and executing your plan decisively. To help you out, we’ve put together a guide on how to relocate your business without sacrificing productivity.

Plan everything well in advance

Start planning as soon as you know you’ll be moving your business. A proper plan is vital to move your business successfully and becomes even more critical if you want to relocate your business without sacrificing productivity. The goal is simple: plan ahead for the quickest possible move. The less time you spend moving, the less productivity you lose. As such, it’s virtually impossible to move your business without losing at least some productivity, but the loss is negligible if done right. So, separate the preparation process into stages, each with deadlines, and delegate roles to people to ensure everything goes smoothly. If possible, you can also have some tasks done remotely during the transition to maximize productivity. Additionally, remember to plan for delays, just in case, and consider why you need a moving inventory list when trying to organize an office relocation.

Communicate with your employees about the relocation

The location of your office is a big part of your employee's morale and productivity. Keep communications open to all your employees when planning your move as early as possible. After all, the change is likely to affect your employees’ personal lives. Some might have to move, and others might have to leave. Either way, you need to ensure everyone is well informed about the details and there is no miscommunication.

All in all, proper communication with every employee is essential to make sure nothing goes wrong. Additionally, being completely open with your employees helps keep them motivated. If you have open communication, your employees will be more willing to work with you. High morale means higher productivity, and an excellent way to keep communication open is to have someone exclusively serve as the communicator during the process.

Hire professionals to help with the transition

There are many moving parts when it comes to relocating your business, and many of them are very specific. A ton of office equipment needs to be moved, and it should only be handled by professionals. As such, hiring the best of the best movers to help you with the transition itself is a requirement. If you leave this job up to amateurs, you leave yourself open to many things going wrong. That said, even if you hire the most experienced and reliable movers, you must consider that accidents can always happen. But, hiring professional commercial moving services is your best bet if you want to ensure the risks are as low as possible. And at the end of the day, minimizing risks is something you should be well acquainted with when running a business in the first place.

Always have a backup plan

Having a perfect plan for the relocation is all well and good, but even the best plan can quickly fall apart. As such, you need to have a backup plan if something (or multiple things) goes wrong. There will always be unexpected expenses, broken deadlines, or accidents. Some of your employees may even leave the business because of the change of location. So, planning for the eventuality of something going wrong is a must, and remember to account for many different situations. You should consider assigning someone to help you prepare for this since you might forget something important. Additionally, consider hiring professional packing services to lower the risks of things going wrong during transit. The less you leave up to chance, the better, and having professionals handle the items helps out quite a bit.

Notify your clients and suppliers on time

A relatively important part of relocating your business is informing the public of the change. However, before making a public announcement, you should notify your clients and suppliers first. Make sure you do this as professionally as possible and well ahead of the actual move. In addition, preferably, you should do it before the actual move. Additionally, when making the public announcement, post signs at both the new and old offices informing potential customers of the change. However, it’s essential to do this in an organized and professional manner, as it reflects your business’ image. And the reputation and appearance of your business are just as crucial as maintaining productivity. So, remember to make your announcements on time and be as professional as possible with them overall, and you should be good.

How to relocate your business without sacrificing productivity – the takeaway

Relocating your business is a long and complicated process, often resulting in reduced productivity for a while. However, this temporary loss of productivity can be unnoticeable if you’re well organized and careful with how you approach the process. However, it’s essential to prepare for something going wrong. There are many moving parts, and something is bound to go wrong, so you should prepare for it. And although you can do certain things, such as hiring professionals to help reduce the chances of something going wrong, there’s no guarantee nothing will go wrong. We hope that this guide on how to relocate your business without sacrificing productivity helps you successfully move your business, and we wish you a good day.