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Preparing Your Pets For A Move

Preparing Your Pets For A Move

Our start-to-finish moving services are meant to prepare your entire family for the journey, and that includes your furry companions. The key to a peaceful pet move is to plan ahead. Follow Big Boy Movers’ guide for a painless pet moving process.

Visit your vet ahead of time

Scheduling one last vet visit with your current vet prior to moving day can alleviate a lot of stress. Depending on which state you are moving to and from, your cat or dog may require necessary vaccinations to cross state lines. In some cases, your furry friend may need to quarantine after arrival. Your veterinarian should have these guidelines available for you.

If your pet routinely takes medications (even monthly preventative medications), it’s a good idea to get them refilled before moving. With unpacking and getting to know your new city, it may be several weeks before you have time to research and make an appointment with a new veterinarian. Having these medications on hand will allow you more time to find a doctor you trust. While at your last vet visit, be sure to get paper documents of all of your pet’s medical records and keep them safe with your personal documents while moving. If your pet does have difficulty during the move and needs to see an emergency veterinarian, having their records on hand will make the process much smoother.

Some dogs and cats may have difficulty traveling by car, especially for long distances. Your veterinarian may suggest anxiety medications to make the journey more peaceful for your pet (and you!)

Travel together

Your pet spends its entire life with you: they will always be more comfortable with you. This goes double for long trips to a new environment. We recommend avoiding shipping services if possible. Accidents happen and if your pet has never travelled before, there’s a good chance they will need you there to hold their paw. If your dog or cat has a special toy or blanket that comforts them, consider placing it in the car with them for extra ease.

Work pit stops into your journey

When planning your route on your phone or computer GPS, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for rest stops and save them to your map. Grassy areas where your pet can not only relieve themselves but stretch their legs are few and far between on the open road. Try to space out restroom breaks to keep your pet comfortable while avoiding accidents in the vehicle. Before hopping on the road, visit a dog park or play fetch outside with your pup. Getting some exercise in before the long road ahead will benefit everyone involved.

Introduce them to your new home

Upon arrival, go easy with your pet. Even animals who have been long potty trained may have accidents in new territory as they navigate the terrain or overcome anxiety. If you live in a multiple pet home, some animals may exhibit aggression toward one another while handling the transition. Be sure to stay in contact with your veterinarian in these cases for suggestions and how to proceed.

We aim to offer our customers an all encompassing moving experience, including that for your pet. For service locations or quotes for our long-distance moving services, please give us a call or fill out our “Request a Quote” form.