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Why you need a Moving Inventory List

Why you need a Moving Inventory List

People have a lot of things in their homes. Keeping a record of everything you have seems simple until the moment of moving comes. It’s critical to keep track of your valuables throughout a relocation. What is more, ensuring that everything safely travels to your new house is even more difficult. Making a moving inventory list gives you an itemized record to refer to when you unpack your boxes. While you can hire a professional moving company to produce an inventory of your belongings, it’s preferable to document your home’s contents yourself first. Read more to learn why you need a moving inventory list when you relocate.

An inventory list will help you declutter your home

Likely, you are not aware of how much stuff you have and how much of it is unnecessary. It’s no doubt that people get emotional about things they own. However, reducing clutter will help you manage your items better and keep your home organized. This is where a moving inventory list comes in. If something does not appear significant enough to document, consider whether it is vital enough to pack and transport to a new place. When you make an inventory, you will know what stuff you need to get rid of, donate, or sell.

Moreover, extra cleansing of excess belongings saves resources because packing materials and boxes are not wasted. The best thing to do is rent long-term storage to keep large or less important items in a safe place. Today, there are plenty of storage units in Utah you can choose from. Making an inventory list contributes to the better organization of your home.

You need a moving inventory list when you pack

The packing procedure will be more efficient if you keep track of your inventory. Knowing what’s in a box without opening it can make the unpacking process go more smoothly because you’ll know which room each box belongs in. Moreover, you will also be able to sort what you do have better, making the unpacking process much more effective. It also helps you figure out how many boxes you will need, how much extra space you’ll need to pack more precious or fragile goods, and how much it will all cost if you’re hiring movers.

Another essential benefit of making an inventory list is related to items that require professional packing. Due to their delicate nature, size, or irregular shapes, you may want to let experts deal with them. The list of these items is long, and without the inventory list, we simply forget that we have them. Here are some things that make packing difficult:

⦁ Artwork and paintings

⦁ Electronics and appliances

⦁ Musical instruments

⦁ Antiques

⦁ Pool tables

⦁ Furniture with glass parts

⦁ Grandfather’s old clocks

Make the most of packing by following your moving inventory list.

Make the most of packing by following your moving inventory list.

Make the most of packing by following your moving inventory list.

Protects your belongings while you’re moving.

A complete inventory sheet provided by a moving company guarantees that everyone has a reliable way to track what you packed versus what arrived at the destination. If there was an accident or theft during the relocation, the list would be extremely useful. A moving inventory can also serve as a preliminary document for homeowners insurance purposes. The list makes it simple to assess the value of your home so you can figure out how much insurance you’ll need. It can also help you save time if you ever need to make an insurance claim. Your movers and packers will thank you for providing the list in advance. Another good thing is that you will know which items to treat with care and how to transport them. Accidents happen, especially when loading a moving truck. Let’s face it, you need more than muscles to load and unload a truck. Therefore, save yourself from trouble, and make an inventory list.

Unpack more efficiently

This is the moment when you will pick the fruits of your labor if you prepared the inventory and structured your packing ahead of time. Use your inventory to record where you need to start rather than staring at a mountain of boxes with no idea where to begin. Set aside the boxes containing the most valuable, fragile, and urgently needed items, such as bed linens and bathroom products, so you don’t have to frantically seek for that one item late at night. The inventory also allows you to start organizing straight away by placing boxes in the appropriate rooms. After you finish the unloading of your boxes, check if everything is in order so you don’t have to call your movers the next day.

Moving does not have to be a bad experience. Unpacking your boxes has never been easier if you prepare your inventory list in advance.

A moving inventory list will improve your memory

Writing things down can assist you in remembering what you have. According to studies, writing causes the brain to remember things for a longer period of time. In other words, it will boost your memory. Handwriting words requires physical skills and transforms into a sensory experience that allows the brain to encode information and keeps it available. Keep in mind that typing your list will not provide you with the same advantages. When you write an inventory, you’ll be more likely to remember that you have another surge protector, screwdriver, or whatever else you could need once you’ve settled into your new home. You can use the inventory to quickly locate the products you’re looking for and avoid the waste and clutter of having to acquire something new.

Final thoughts on why you need a moving inventory list

Making an inventory list is one way to make your process of moving easier. As much as it seems insignificant, it is the first step in every relocation. Whether you hire a moving company or decide to do it on your own, an inventory list greatly alleviates your move. First, it helps with loading, unloading, and protecting your items. Then, it keeps your home organized and reduces clutters. Finally, it will boost your memory and improves your writing skills. If you still have doubts about whether you need a moving inventory list or not, hire a professional moving company to help you out. Moving does not have to be a negative experience with the right moving inventory list.