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Need Help? Call 877-70-MOVER 



Please review our policies before scheduling or when you schedule a move with us.


Billing time will start upon the moving crew’s arrival, and billing time will stop at move completion or if either party terminates the move for any reason. Billing times will be rounded to the nearest quarter hour after the first 2 hours. When the move is complete, the crew leader will collect payment in full in the form of Venmo, cash, or credit card (Discover, Visa, American Express, Mastercard). NO EXCEPTIONS unless prior payment arrangements have been made and agreed upon by both Big Boy Movers and the customer.
As the customer, you are required to estimate how many hours your load, unload, or load and unload will take. Please view our guide under FAQ to get an idea of how long your move will take. We can assist when we discuss a quote, but the decision is ultimately in the customer's hands.
Payment must be given to the movers at the end of the job according to your estimated hours (unless the move has been booked same day or next day; see below for details). There are no refunds if the job does not take as long as it was estimated to take because we have set aside that time specifically for you.
If the move takes longer than what was estimated, we will continue until the job is done at an hourly rate, billing by 15-minute increments for the time that goes over. (This may be dependent on our schedule if our movers can stay to help).
Customers will be charged time and a half if we are requested to work outside of our movers' normal business hours: Monday-Saturday 7 am to 10 pm.


Any scheduled move canceled without a 48-hour notice will be subject to a $100.00 charge.


Reschedules are subject to date and time availability. There are no fees for rescheduling as long as you contact us before 3 pm on the day before your move. After 3 pm on the day before your move or if the mover(s) are on their way to the job when we are notified, there will be a $75 charge to cover their time. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to reschedule. We are more than happy to work with you.

Same-Day Service or Next-Day Service

If you are looking to get service today, please contact us by phone to see if we have availability. Same-day moves will be charged a $60 fee which will be applied to the total bill. Both same-day and next-day moves will be required to pay the total cost of the move upfront, and a non-refundable deposit based on the 2-hour minimum, the number of movers, travel fee, and same-day service fee (if applicable). We can collect this over the phone at the time of booking.

Pre-Move Waivers and Exceptions

CONCERNING PAYMENT AND DELIVERYCarriers are required by law to collect transportation and other related charges computed on the basis of their lawfully published tariff rates regardless of any prior rate quotations or estimates. Exact charges for loading, transporting, and unloading are based upon the actual goods transported, plus other services rendered, and all such charges may not be determined before the time all services are completed. Additional quantities and/or services requested or required to service the move will be added to the price shown above and must be paid at the time of delivery. If the actual tariff charges for services performed exceed 110% of the Estimated Price, the carrier will deliver your shipment for payment of the Estimated Price plus 10%. You are obligated to pay the balance, if any, within 30 days after delivery.
STATEMENT OF LIABILITYBy signing below, you (the Customer) agree that under no circumstances is Big Boy Movers LLC, Big Boy Movers Idaho LLC, ("BBM"), their contractors, employees, suppliers, licensees and affiliates responsible for more than $0.60/lb per item or more than 50% of the total invoice, whichever is deemed the lesser value, for damages caused directly by their employees, contractors, licensees or affiliates. We reserve the right to verify all claims using any and all reasonable standards for achieving proper verification of claims. All damage claims must be filed via email within 14 days of completion of your job, and notice of damages must be provided to Big Boy Movers LLC, or Big Boy Movers Idaho LLC as provided herein when the damage occurs or is discovered. Customer further acknowledges that if any damage occurs during the loading, transporting, or unloading process, Customer shall immediately notify the lead mover, and require that the damage be noted by the lead mover in writing with a full description of the damage and how it occurred. Failure to document on the Big Boy Mover liability form any property damage prior to our departure will forfeit any claim of damage to the property against Big Boy Movers. Big Boy Movers LLC, or Big Boy Movers Idaho LLC limited liability is a free of charge, company-provided valuation - IT IS NOT INSURANCE. Big Boy Movers LLC, or Big Boy Movers Idaho LLC valuation ends immediately upon crew jobsite departure. If damage occurs to your household goods while a Big Boy Movers LLC, or Big Boy Movers Idaho LLC is actively loading, unloading, or transporting your items, Big Boy Movers LLC, or Big Boy Movers Idaho LLC valuation coverage is limited to a rate schedule of $0.60 per pound per item. Items which are part of a pair or set will be valued as individual items. Customer further acknowledges that the mover is not responsible for unsealed cartons or item(s) not packed by Big Boy Movers. Customer further acknowledges that the Big Boy Movers LLC, or Big Boy Movers Idaho LLC is not responsible for ceramic, granite, or marble, and does not warrant the mechanical condition of appliances, or electronics, as there is no way for Big Boy Movers LLC, or Big Boy Movers Idaho LLC to know of the operational ability of each item prior to the move. Pressed Board, particle or compressed wood is excluded from our coverage due to the nature of the material. Customer further acknowledges that Big Boy Movers LLC, or Big Boy Movers Idaho LLC is not responsible for any damage to pool/billiard tables, pianos, or grandfather clocks. Be advised that stock, bonds, fur, jewelry, prescription drugs, paper money, coins, and collectibles of any kind will not be covered for any reason. Customer further warrants and represents that the Customer will not pack items of this nature, and that Customer, or its designated agent, will be present at all times during the load/unload of Customer's household goods. Customer hereby further represents and warrants that Customer will inspect the goods prior to Big Boy Movers LLC, or Big Boy Movers Idaho LLC commencing loading of the Customer's goods, and immediately after unloading. In no event, shall Big Boy Movers LLC, or Big Boy Movers Idaho LLC be liable for indirect consequential, incidental, exemplary, punitive or special damages, income, including lost profits, use of other benefits, arising out of or in connection with the performance of Big Boy Mover's obligations under this Agreement or any failure of such performance even if the possibility of such damages had been foreseen by or communicated to Big Boy Movers LLC, or Big Boy Movers Idaho LLC by Customer. In the event a floor(s) is damaged (whether affected floor is wood, tile, carpet, laminate, concrete or any other material) Big Boy Mover's liability for repair will be confined to the locally affected area only; repairs must be approved via Big Boy Mover's claims process and cannot guarantee an exact match to the original finish. By signing this Agreement, you acknowledge and agree that Big Boy Movers LLC, or Big Boy Movers Idaho LLC will not be responsible for the cost of an entire floor to be resurfaced or refinished regardless of circumstance. The utmost care and concern will be provided for your goods. However Big Boy Movers LLC, or Big Boy Movers Idaho LLC, cannot ensure items that are not wrapped head-to-toe with protection will not receive damages due to the nature of handling and transporting goods. If items are not wrapped accordingly, but instead "draped" with furniture pads, then there is a reasonable expectation that goods may be damaged. Due to this reasonable expectation, Big Boy Movers LLC, or Big Boy Movers Idaho LLC is not responsible for said damages. Big Boy Movers, cannot and will not transport, fuel, chemicals, liquids, etc., prohibited to be transported by the DOT and is not responsible for any damage these may inflict upon Customer household goods. Customer agrees to these terms and conditions and limitations of liability.
OPTION FOR ADDITIONAL COVERAGEYou, the customer, may wish to acquire additional coverage for your household goods that is above and beyond the $0.60/lb per item documented in the STATEMENT OF LIABILITY above. Big Boy Movers LLC, or Big Boy Movers Idaho LLC ("BBM") refers these requests to an independent company, Baker International Insurance Agency. They can be contacted at 800-356-0099 or online at Big Boy Movers LLC, or Big Boy Movers Idaho LLC ("BBM") does not have any jurisdiction, authorization, or ability to grant such coverage. Big Boy Movers LLC, or Big Boy Movers Idaho LLC ("BBM") is only a referral source for customers to seek this additional coverage. You, the customer, acknowledge that Big Boy Movers LLC, or Big Boy Movers Idaho LLC ("BBM") limit of liability is as stated above in the STATEMENT OF LIABILITY, and that you, the customer, have been given the option to seek additional coverage. By approving these terms and conditions, you, the customer, agree to hold Big Boy Movers LLC and Big Boy Movers Idaho LLC ("BBM"), harmless of any claim which may result that is above or beyond the before stated liability or from any arrangement or agreement with Baker International Insurance Agency.
SPECIAL REQUESTS: Please let us know if you'd like our movers to bring any supplies: plastic wrap, dollies, or carpet protector (additional charges will apply).
PAYMENT: Please have the total payment ready to give the movers when the job is complete. We accept cash, check, or credit card (Discover, Visa, Mastercard, American Express). Customer agrees to pay the time booked and reserved. At the discretion of Big Boy Movers, additional time may be needed to complete the move. This time is charged in 15 minute increments until completed. Make checks payable to Big Boy Movers. Tips are appreciated. RESCHEDULING A JOB AFTER 3:00PM PRIOR TO THE DAY OF THE MOVE WILL BE SUBJECT TO A $75.00 CHARGE. CANCELLATIONS WITH LESS THAN A 48 HOUR NOTICE WILL BE SUBJECT TO A $100.00 CHARGE.
ORDER FOR SERVICE: I acknowledge receipt of a copy of this Order for Service. I request that Big Boy Movers furnish the services described in this order, subject to the terms and conditions of the household goods bill of lading issued at the time Big Boy Movers takes possession of this shipment. I also acknowledge that the amount of labor time stated on the estimate is what I have reserved and will be charged for. My electronic acceptance of this order signifies the acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined therein. All payment is due upon completion unless other arrangements have been approved by Big Boy Movers.
Pre-Move Disclosures:A. Furniture pads: The customer is responsible for furniture pads when loading. One dozen pads per 5 feet of space is recommended.
B. Appliances: Big Boy Movers will not be held liable for the results of disconnecting or connecting appliances.
C. Movers reserve the right to waive responsibility for an item(s) they feel cannot be moved safely without damage to the home, item, or themselves. If the customer insists the item be moved, BBM will not be held responsible for any resulting damage.
D. Customer-packed boxes and loads without the correct quantity of pads are exempt from our liability. Damaged items deemed valid will not exceed released valuation of .60/lb. per item. Liability does not include matching sets or pairs. Total liability shall not exceed half of the job invoice amount.
E. ABF and 28′ Trailer Loads: These suspensions are spring rides and provide little protection from shifting. Your items will likely be damaged without significant padding and straps.
F. If a customer helps move any items, they release BBM of any liability if damages occur. BBM will not be responsible for damages caused by non-employees.
G. Fragile and special care items must be boxed, crated and prepped properly. Big Boy Movers is not responsible for road vibrations, acts of God (weather, etc.).
H. I understand that once the movers leave the job site, the liability for damage claims ends. You or your transportation company takes possession once the work order has been signed.