Need Help? Call 877-70-MOVER 

Need Help? Call 877-70-MOVER 


Packing Services by Local Movers in the Western US

For many people, the biggest job in a move is packing. This is because packing requires planning, arranging, organizing, sorting, and putting your whole life away. It's a difficult process that always takes longer than expected.
Common packing tips include:
● Declutter before you pack. Weed out items that you haven't used, that you won't need in the future, or that are no longer useful. Then either donate these items, or haul them to a landfill. This will make both the packing process and setting up in your new space much easier. 
● Start early. Begin packing six weeks to a month before your move-out date. It's better to start earlier than later. And if you need to get things out of a box on occasion, that's better than panicking on your move day. 
● Begin packing with things you don't use frequently. For example, books you aren't currently reading, your best or seasonal dishes, and out-of-season clothing. 


While following common tips like these can help, you should also call Big Boy Movers. We are happy to take care of packing for you, either as part of a full-service move or as an individual service.
Aside from having your packing taken care of, saving you time and energy, the packing will go faster when it's done by professionals. The employees of Big Boy Movers are experienced packers who will come trained and prepared to pack efficiently. Plus, we won't get distracted by memories or decisions about keeping versus giving away items. 
You may still want to declutter while preparing to move, but it's not required


Packing Services for Other Purposes

There are plenty of situations in your home and at work where you will need to pack rooms or offices. If you are renovating your home's floors, moving household members between bedrooms, or starting a similar project, you could benefit from having professionals pack for you.
Big Boy Movers offers all of our customers individualized moving services, which includes just packing for you at a reasonable hourly rate. 


At the end of your move, Big Boy Movers also offers the option to unpack belongings on your behalf. When we do this, we can assemble standard-sized furniture. Items from boxes will be unpacked and placed on a chosen flat surface, to speed up your move-in.

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Whenever you need someone to pack for you, Big Boy Movers is here.

We are based in Utah and Idaho, and can help people around the western United States with various tasks. For ease of mind and a clearer schedule, call Big Boy Movers toll-free at 877-70-MOVER or contact us online for a free packing services quote. 

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